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Included, dichroic, medium dark green trilliant cut.#1187

Now I am not saying the I prefer included stones, to the pure joy of bright, flashing, eye clean perfection, but some inclusions don’t bother me as much as they use to.  This trilliant has a great dichroic green.  But … Continue reading

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A bright tang orange trilliant with zoning.#1165

This bright orange trilliant with a crown made with two rows of step cuts, looks like it was cut from a terminus because of its triangular zoning.  It has a great bright tang orange without brown overtones.  It is a … Continue reading

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Golden orange, included trilliant cut.#179

The impact of flaws/inclusions on a tourmaline gemstone is a complex issue.  This trilliant cut has some significant non flashing inclusions in it pavilion.  They effect the flash of the gemstone, but really have a minor impact on the stone … Continue reading

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A cool yellow trilliant that is reserved.#159

I usually think of yellow as a bright sunny open color, but this pastel yellow is not inclined to levity.  It is not bother by a greenish cast like many of its brethren, but seems to have a darker cast … Continue reading

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Medium toned bright pink trilliant#157

This trilliant is eye clean and has a very nice medium toned pink color.  The color has good saturation and fine crystal.  It weighs 1.14 carats.  The trilliant is a more modern cut and I would use it more often, … Continue reading

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light, bright, toned down peach trilliant.#156

This pastel peach trilliant is rather toned down.  It has some minor inclusion, but they are not a factor.  Neither is the quality of crystal, so I think that color has a darker cast to it.  The stones weighs 2.04 … Continue reading

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Midnight/sapphire blue flash, trilliant cut.#515

It would be nice if I never purchased a “problem” piece of rough.  But then I guess I would never get to show off, to myself, what I can stretch to do. (I have almost never discussed cutting a stone … Continue reading

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Darker red purple trilliant cut.#1091

  I don’t use the trilliant cut very much because I prefer shield cuts for triangular shaped rough.  But this red purple, which is not a rubellite in my book, has such a high tone level that I needed as … Continue reading

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Blue Afghanistan trilliant beauty.#965

  Now the internet has points that transcend just a way to quickly try and buy faceting rough.  This site for example.  I did write for another site for a while and got to meet some interesting people.  I hope … Continue reading

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