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A medium toned purple with significant flaws.#281

This standard round brilliant is typical of the type of cuprian tourmaline that became available after the world was introduced to its beauty.  About half of it is clean and flashy while the rest is so included that it obstructs … Continue reading

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Medium toned purple pink that shifts to orange pink droplet of color.#255

Don’t pigeonhole me cried the purple pink to orange pink with a desire to be a red droplet of color.  The effort to attain individual attention and independence continues in the ranks of the orange red tribe.  They have become … Continue reading

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Medium dark tone , a close call, but its a red, round.#38

This is the type of red/pink tourmaline where it depends on the size of the gemstone, whether it is red or pink.  A one carat size stone would certainly be a rich pink while a 10 carat size would be … Continue reading

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