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Lavender without copper, grayed and slightly included, emerald cut.#1117

I love purples derived from copper and manganese in tourmaline, but I never wanted them to be my whole purple world.  Therefor I have set sail many times on the quest for any purple with a challenge, are you out … Continue reading

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Flatter crown and a richer tone level purple pink, round.#48

Well looking at this gemstone closely for flaws/inclusions has brought back a memory.  It was soon after I started cutting gemstones after a long hiatus and I was new to the inter net.   I dealt with most American dealers that … Continue reading

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Decent lavender without copper emerald cut.#715

This emerald cut will not win any prizes for cleanliness or excessive brightness since its crystal is below average, but its color assure it a place in the collection.  This is one of my better non-cuprian purples and it is … Continue reading

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A purple that wants to be lavender without copper, emerald cut

  Well it is time to let you see the difference or not between two similar colors.  One is the classic lavender of copper in tourmaline from Mozambique.  It is the first image and is a round.  The second is … Continue reading

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A different purple without copper round

This standard round brilliant has a color of tourmaline that is difficult to categorized.  It is some shade of purple that is a mixture of pink, purple and gray.’  It bears little resemblance to the copper, red purples, that have … Continue reading

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Stormy purple droplet of color.

c The rough for this standard round droplet of color came from Madagascar.  It is a rather peculiar grayed purple that I have more examples of.  I get the feeling of a cold austere soul that will join the droplets … Continue reading

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