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The history of a purple/blue piece of rough and speculations.

What I will be posting today is just the beginning of an interesting tale of fail opportunities and hoped for successes.  To set the stage for this notable piece of rough, I have to give a brief run down of … Continue reading

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Laurellite a reverse color change tourmaline is unique.

I am sure that I have probably said too much about Laurellite on this site for some people, but questions have arisen and I wish to list the salient points about Laurellite that are important to appreciate it. 1,  Laurellite … Continue reading

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Public will not buy included tourmaline!

I just finished reading an email from about a year ago, from a cutter that runs a significant selling site on the internet.  He said that people are looking for a reason not to buy gemstones now and he can … Continue reading

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Appraising a book on appraising gemstones.

Just got back from a traditional bookstore that is now half toys and puzzles.  I found a few cheap books and looked in the known locations for books on gemstones and minerals etc.  And I found a new one which … Continue reading

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