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The glowing difference between Paraiba tourmaline and Ruby.

Just got back from a trip down “Cuprian Tourmaline Lane” on the inter net.  I really don’t think that the confusion will ever abate when it comes to color, neon glow, vivid color and the composition of Paraiba, paraiba like, … Continue reading

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When red is not enough, brown red round. #74

This is the “red” that goes brown. (maybe call it red) This is the “red” that goes orange (maybe call it color changer) This is the “red” that is stable. (maybe call it Rubellite) Metamerism is when two color samples, … Continue reading

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Introduction, pictures and comments on five waves of tourmaline rough.

I started cutting gemstones again after a long hiatus in 1998.  I have purchased most of my rough from Africa, but there has also been a  significant amount of rough coming from Afghanistan.  Getting this site going and posting comments … Continue reading

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Welcome to a world of color in tourmaline

  This is the next stage in my continuing effort to bring the beauty of tourmaline to as wide an audience as I can.  Building on the great pictures of my collection of tourmaline by Jeff Smith I hope to … Continue reading

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