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What can I say, I like even gray, in the color world of this round.#1105

I was once looking threw a list of gemstones and their colors presented by the Gem Institute of America GIA.  I always like to see which colors are not included in the list of colors for tourmaline.  The most notable, … Continue reading

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Darkly toned blue with touch of gray emerald cut.#387

This darkly toned blue emerald cut has steep ends as a result of having closed ends.  The blue is toned down with a little gray and it takes a bit of close inspection to appreciate this gemstone.  Under closed inspection … Continue reading

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A grayish blue rather watery looking, emerald cut.#364

This medium toned emerald cut has a bit different blue that is desaturated into a grayed blue under my lighting.   This gives the stone a feeling of being diluted when it is compared with the saturated Namibian gems.  It … Continue reading

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Medium Gray Oval

I obtained the rough for this medium gray oval from Thailand.  It has probably been heated and my principal interest was to see if I could tell the difference between heated and unheated tourmaline.  I could not tell there was … Continue reading

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