Special Gemstones for Sale

Below is a selection of cut tourmaline for sale. If, while perusing the rest of the site, you find other stones that you might be interested in purchasing please contact us at lauraroottourmaline@gmail.com.

There is a 14 day return policy for the stones.

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Beautiful, medium toned blue green emerald cut. #376

No. 376, 4.08 carats, $500/carat, $2,040 price

This stone is a clean bluish green color with a wider rectangular cut. This is a great gemstone. I cut it with the full complement of 3 steps of facets on the crown and 4 steps of facets on the pavilion. This, along with a medium toned blue green color, flashing from completely open ends, produces a deep well of beauty. It has some subtlety in its color, but doesn’t appear to be significantly dichroic. It is completely eye clean and has excellent crystal.


Bright, flashy, hot pink with zoning, oval. #286

No. 286, 5.61 carats, $400/carat, $2,244 price

A beautiful, vivid red oval with few pink facets on the bottom. This hot pink oval is in the zone and ready to grab your eye. It appears to be eye clean and has fine crystal. It probably was part of a terminus since I see some parallel banding, when I look directly down on the table, which is cut perpendicular to the principle axis (c). I do not see any zoning from the side. It has a great medium tone level and flash that can be used to signal people across the room.


Non dichroic, medium toned blue green pastel Barion cushion. #680

No. 680  Weight 4.69 carats, $350/carat, +10% cut, $1,805 price    SOLD

A beautiful teal stone with a lot of flash in the facets. This beautiful Barion cushion has one eye visible inclusion on the side of the table, which it does mark. The gemstone is very bright and flashy with a glow about it. It has a fine medium pastel blue green that is not dichroic.
Desaturated pink makes a brown oval. #511

No. 511, 2.75 carat, $175/carat, $481 price

This stone is a beautiful bronze color with tiny hints of orange and yellowish green in the lower facets. It’s very clean to the naked eye. This oval has a good size, fine crystal, and is probably eye clean. This oval has a nice orange flash that may get browner dependant on the light. It certainly likes my yellowish light.


Fine classic tourmaline green emerald cut with darker ends. #1017

No.1017, 3.04 Carats, $325/carat, $988 price

This is a clear green stone cut with slightly yellow-green ends when it’s tilted. The clean emerald cut has standard angles cut on its closed ends and a classic green tourmaline look. The hue is a green is on the yellow side, but there’s no brown, with a medium dark tone.


Mildly dichroic, medium toned, highly transparent green emerald cut. #991

No. 991, 3.55 carats,$350/carat, $1,242 price

A clear green stone with some bluish-green facets and grass green ends. I put extra effort into this clear bright green emerald cut by cutting an extra round of facets (4) on the pavilion to enhance the open-ended crystal. I was rewarded with a clean bright green emerald cut with flashy ends.


Included, minty blue shield cut. #505

No. 505, 1.91 carats,$300/carat, $573 price

This is a very clear pale blue stone with a few slightly gray tones. If you want to spend the time and effort on a shield cut, this is a stone like you would want to cut. It has all the right gemological properties in a flawless mild bright pastel blue.


Clearly included, bright pink emerald cut #472

No. 472, 2.69 carats, $250/carat, $672 price

The stone is a brilliant pink with a visible inclusion. This emerald cut’s glory is its medium tone value and bright pink color. It is noticeably included under the table, but the inclusions are small and white and do not detract much from the flash and beauty of the stone.


Beautiful medium tone, pastel blue green round. #137

No.137, 1.98 carats, $325/carat, $643 price

A pretty blue round stone with a touch of grass green in the lower facets. The stone looks much cleaner to the eye than it appears in the photo. This pastel is outstanding for its open medium tone and a bit of a different blue green hue. It does slide around blue to green, but is a true blue green. It appears to be eye clean and as flashy as tourmaline gets. This is a beautiful gemstone that is cut as a standard round brilliant.


Included, bright flashy baby pink round from Afghanistan #40

No. 40, 1.85 carats, $125/carat, $231 price

This stone is a clear pale pink round with a touch of lavender. There is a slight inclusion noticeable to the naked eye in the stone but it does not deter from its brilliance. This is baby pink round from Afghanistan with a nice color. The flaw is white and does not flash. It rides just outside of the radius of the table and is vertical to the table. In other words, its effect on the gemstone has been minimized and the basically clean bright nature of the round shines through.

Eye clean, medium plus tone level, pink round. #6

No.6, 3.40 carats, $300/carat, $1,020 price

This stone is a beautiful round with a clean red color. There are a few bright pink and slightly orange undertones in the bottom facets. This standard round brilliant is a nice ring size. The stones tone level is a bit higher than medium because due to its larger size. It appears to be eye clean and with a fine crystal. This makes a flashy gemstone, but not a hot pink one.

Blue green Barion cushion, beauty #329

No. 329 Weight 4.65 carats, $400/carat plus 10% for cut, Price $2,046

A beautiful blue green stone with an abundance of flash. There is a fine radiating flash dominated by blue, but there is still a lot of green in this beautiful gemstone. It has a rich tone level and appears to be eye clean.


Beautiful clean bright vivd red/pink oval.1080

No. 1080 Weight 2.79 carats, $375/carat, Price $1,046

This is a gorgeous hot pink stone that is very clean. It features a three step top with plenty of flash.

Biographical Information for Laura Root

Being Bruce’s oldest daughter, I’ve been living in the “World of Tourmaline” for the last twenty years. I’ve been learning about tourmaline for most of my life from my slightly obsessed dad. I grew up in western Pennsylvania and went to Kent State University where I earned a bachelor’s in architecture. After college I attended Eastern Michigan University where I received a master’s in historic preservation (and a Michigander husband). I moved to Grand Rapids, MI several years ago and now spend most of my time with two of Bruce’s little grandsons. Please feel free to contact me at lauraroottourmaline@gmail.com.