Oval Pink with a wisper of Purple#934

Good Sized Pink Oval with hint of Purple This pink, 5.65 carat oval has a touch of purple. This produces a rather muted hue. The gemstone is very clean and bright with good crystal.


I am looking at this oval gem under morning light and seeing a pink that has some cast to its hue, but I can’t put my finger on it.  I look at the its box and I have written purple pink.  My next step is to compare it with “true” pinks in the tray and I think that I am agreeing with myself.  Purple does not add a lot to this stone while under different circumstances pink and purple can make a great mixture.  This is especial true with cuprian tourmaline from Mozambique.  I am smiling as I think of the good sized round I have of a fresh bright medium toned beauty that reminds me of a lilac I once had.   While this stone’s color seems to be muted by the purple cast.   Fortunately the stone is still very bright, with good crystal that is eye clean.  That is a nice setting for a good sized gemstone (5.65 carats) with a hint of mystery.  I have no doubt that the stones color will drift under various white lights.  In general the value of pinks is decreased when they have a touch of purple.



About Bruce Fry

I was born in Summit, NJ in 1947 and graduated from Summit High School in 1966. I graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1970 and after spending another year in graduate school, I left to see the world of Brazil. After spending some more time discovering myself, I ended up working for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for 32 years as an Air Quality Engineer in the Department of Environmental Protection. I retired in 2007 and took up faceting gemstones again after a long hiatus that reached back to my twenties. I had started cutting cabochons when I was 13 and bought my first faceting machine when I was 15, but ran out of money and time until I retired. My great love in gemology is tourmaline and the collection presented here represents my effort to get as much beauty and variety in the colors of tourmaline as I can. I was particularly lucky in being able to get unheated cuprian tourmaline before copper was discovered in gem grade tourmaline from Mozambique.
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