I am a round of constant blue hue (color).#133

A true blue Indicolite in a medium toned droplet of color.#133 This standard round brilliant has a great stable blue color and is an Indicolite, trade name for blue tourmaline. It is slightly included, but still a bright flashy gemstone. It weighs .58 carats and got a regular spot with the droplets of color.

One of the joys of the collection is to be able to compare subtle differences between tourmalines that might appear identical under casual observations.  I finished a post on a beautiful tourmaline that I have called blue since I cut it and saw it in natural light.  But its color is a dynamic shifter and becomes a distinct, blue green under my yellowish light.  I called it an Indicolite, A trade name that I like to restrict to pure blues without greenish overtone, because you have to deal with natural light when you “officially” designate a color.  So after finishing my work up on this beautiful gemstone, the next one in the tray, made my Indicolite’s blue color, green with envy.

This posted, smaller standard round brilliant is blue in the morning light, and the blazing inferno of an incandescent light.  Even my yellowish light from the miniature replacement twisted florescent light in the yellowish shade does not phase it.  I am Indicolite hear me roar.  It has a slight, dark thread like inclusion that is not noticeable face up and seems to enjoy morning light the best.  This flashy gemstone weighs  .58 carats and will be true blue to the droplets of color.


About Bruce Fry

I was born in Summit, NJ in 1947 and graduated from Summit High School in 1966. I graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1970 and after spending another year in graduate school, I left to see the world of Brazil. After spending some more time discovering myself, I ended up working for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for 32 years as an Air Quality Engineer in the Department of Environmental Protection. I retired in 2007 and took up faceting gemstones again after a long hiatus that reached back to my twenties. I had started cutting cabochons when I was 13 and bought my first faceting machine when I was 15, but ran out of money and time until I retired. My great love in gemology is tourmaline and the collection presented here represents my effort to get as much beauty and variety in the colors of tourmaline as I can. I was particularly lucky in being able to get unheated cuprian tourmaline before copper was discovered in gem grade tourmaline from Mozambique.
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