Classic blue green emerald cut tourmaline.#1118

Medium toned, open, blue green emerald cut. This is a beautiful gemstone that dances around in the blue green color world depending on the light. The emerald cut has open ends and a medium tone. It is eye clean and weighs 2.95 carats.

There, I have brought up the fact,in the title, that this beauty which screams tourmaline when you look at it, is a tourmaline.  I think you may have been surprised by the world of color in tourmaline as you brows this site.  You may even have some doubts about the identification of some of the rarer colors as tourmaline or wonder why I don’t even bring up the exclusive nature of this tourmaline collection more often.

Well not everything I receive is actually a tourmaline.  My first defense against the inclusion of a faker is that I only deal with responsible rough dealers, most of which have years of experience.  The next step is my peculiar way of polishing tourmaline.  I use a lead tin lap that I keep stationary and a chelated alumina liquid that I modify with vinegar.   Potiential fakers such as a quartz or a beryl is caught because it is a really slow process to polish quartz and beryl maybe harder than tourmaline, but it marks badly with my polishing procedures.   My next defense it verify the index of refraction of questionable gemstones.  Tourmalines range of index of refraction (the ability to been light) tens to set it appart from other types of gemstone.  My final defense is the use of my spectrometer to gather absorption data for all my gemstones,.  Beside finding indications of copper in a number of gemstones, I did find a few fakers.  The most common one was garnet (Rhodolite mainly) trying to be a Rubellite, an iolite trying to be an Indicolite and a yellow beryl that must have been cut before I finally settled on my present polishing procedure.  All of them have been expunged from the collection.  So please, along with me, have confidence in the purity of this vision of tourmaline color.

The posted gemstone is beautiful.  It dances in the light, around the world of blue green color.  It appears to be eye clean and have great crystal.  It never doubted its identity and weighs a nice 2.95 carats of tourmaline color power.


About Bruce Fry

I was born in Summit, NJ in 1947 and graduated from Summit High School in 1966. I graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1970 and after spending another year in graduate school, I left to see the world of Brazil. After spending some more time discovering myself, I ended up working for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for 32 years as an Air Quality Engineer in the Department of Environmental Protection. I retired in 2007 and took up faceting gemstones again after a long hiatus that reached back to my twenties. I had started cutting cabochons when I was 13 and bought my first faceting machine when I was 15, but ran out of money and time until I retired. My great love in gemology is tourmaline and the collection presented here represents my effort to get as much beauty and variety in the colors of tourmaline as I can. I was particularly lucky in being able to get unheated cuprian tourmaline before copper was discovered in gem grade tourmaline from Mozambique.
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