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#261 and a bright red cuprian smile

One of the tourmalines I had tested with GIA’s laser ablation mass spectrometer instrument when I visited in January was a bright red standard round brilliant. Even with some inclusions and a flatted crown it is a beautiful smaller gem. … Continue reading

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Included bright sparkling red round. #261

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Getting threw the winter, 1/3 carat of fire

I keep mixing in small pieces of rough from the good old days in with the small amount of cuttable larger rough that I have recently received from Africa. I just finished a 1/3 carat standard round brilliant, out of … Continue reading

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The amount of lead in tourmaline.

I have received data from the GIA on the tourmaline they ran on their laser ablation equipment during my latest trip to the west coast.  I have some questions, but one thing is obvious.  There is a lot more tourmaline … Continue reading

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