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Gigantic paraiba type gemstones for millions.

I put museum grade tourmaline in the search engine and away I went.  I found two gigantic (around 50 to 60 carats each) faceted tourmalines called “paraiba” because they contain trace elements of copper and manganese and were within a … Continue reading

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RIP the reported demise of a beautiful Afghan Sea Foam tourmaline

About 10 years ago I hooked up with a goldsmith that would work with me and design original setting for some of my tourmalines.   He put his time and gold into the setting and I put in my tourmaline.  We … Continue reading

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One for the Afghanistan mine run

When I was just getting back into faceting after a long hiatus, I wanted to get my son interested in what I was doing.  He loved to find “good” dates on coins and anything else that seemed to be worth … Continue reading

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Strange and unique, possibly chrome green emerald cut.

Well here is another gemstone hot off the dop stick.  The rough had a natural table that was obvious and the tables outline looked rather like a “D”.  It had a moderately strong degree of dichroism with a very nice … Continue reading

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Laurellite a reverse color change tourmaline is unique.

I am sure that I have probably said too much about Laurellite on this site for some people, but questions have arisen and I wish to list the salient points about Laurellite that are important to appreciate it. 1,  Laurellite … Continue reading

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