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Public will not buy included tourmaline!

I just finished reading an email from about a year ago, from a cutter that runs a significant selling site on the internet.  He said that people are looking for a reason not to buy gemstones now and he can … Continue reading

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An Oval by the Numbers

It has been a bit, but I finished a tourmaline gemstone today that is worth commenting about.  The rough was a pretty average piece of dichroic brownish gold that had be reduced significantly to eliminate a major flaw.  And I … Continue reading

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In the pink, another round for everyone.

I just finished a pink oval from a piece of tourmaline rough from Nigeria.  It turned out to be one of the most fragile pinks I have cut.  And this is from a location that has produced very calm and … Continue reading

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100 % Niagara White Grape Juice In An Emerald Cut Tourmaline?

I am writing this on February 2, 2014 and the availability of rough tourmaline  has never looked worse in my opinion.   Between wars and competition from commercial processors of rough for mainly Eastern buyers, the amateur cutter, like myself,  encounters … Continue reading

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