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Appraising a book on appraising gemstones.

Just got back from a traditional bookstore that is now half toys and puzzles.  I found a few cheap books and looked in the known locations for books on gemstones and minerals etc.  And I found a new one which … Continue reading

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Bi Color stability aways a question.

I just finished a darker blue/medium blue that came threw like a champ.  It is only 5mm wide and about twice that in length.  I had to cut down a much longer crystal to just get the area of the … Continue reading

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Sing the praises of Paraiba, but not a dime for Mozambique.

This is a different twist on an old familiar tune.  And to start me going I went searching on the inter net by putting in  “tourmaline jewelery”.  It is not a subject that I have a great deal of interest … Continue reading

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Another deep round in pink , down home goodness for the holidays.

It is always nice to sit down at least once during the holiday seasons to the smells and cheer of a familiar home cooked meal with family.  Recently I have been cutting some smaller and unusual tourmalines that have pushed … Continue reading

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More tsaisite in my life?

Just finished a small, about 1/2 carat, oval from a sliver that my friend said was purported to tsaisite.  (1/04/2014) It is the yellow that the trade has come to call tsaisite , but as I have posted before it … Continue reading

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Sea Foam, the neon look, Afghanistan and Paraiba like from Mozambique

The events in the following post really happen yesterday (01/003/2014.  The point of the post has been brought up many times, but I still think it needs to be reinforced because it could cost you money. I have cut a … Continue reading

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Cutting Mr. Ugly, a challenge in concentration.

I was out of worthwhile tourmaline to cut this last summer and a friend of mine stepped in and sent me some rough.  On top of what was on the storage bags (weight, dimension etc.) my friend wrote his opinions … Continue reading

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A dynamic tidal basin of color, yellow, orange, brown, purple, pink round

It is nice to finish a smaller standard round brilliant of 1.75 carats without having anything to pull my hair out for.  The stone is probably rich in manganese of different valence states and high manganese can lead to a … Continue reading

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The glowing difference between Paraiba tourmaline and Ruby.

Just got back from a trip down “Cuprian Tourmaline Lane” on the inter net.  I really don’t think that the confusion will ever abate when it comes to color, neon glow, vivid color and the composition of Paraiba, paraiba like, … Continue reading

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