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ring sized tri-color red-golden-green

This pretty tri-color is flawless and weighs a couple of carats, a nice size for a ring. It is the best example of of color combination of green to red with a narrow band of yellowish between them that I … Continue reading

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Large pear shaped paraiba type cyan colored tourmaline#941

This is one of the most important gemstones in the collection. It weighs 13.90 carats and is the only pear shaped stone in the collection. A friend of mine designed the cut to maximize the yield from the rough and … Continue reading

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Pink, graded tone levels in large emerald cut#938

Many gemstones of different kinds have zoning caused by different tone levels in their color. In amethyst and sapphire etc. it is not considered desirable, but with tourmaline I find it can be used to make an interesting and beautiful … Continue reading

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Included golden yellow colored round

This stone is an example of a developing trend in my tourmaline collection. The rough was purchased within the last few years, as of 2013, as semi-facet grade. That grade means that I will probably not be able to get … Continue reading

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Thin intense blue capped crystal leads to interesting stone

  This is not the prettiest tourmaline in the collection and the way I cut the rough crystal, which had a thin,  bordering on the opaque, blue cap, was frankly an experiment.  When I first received the rough from Africa … Continue reading

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A face-up beige with a split personality.

  Watermelon is a great term for describing a classic color distribution in tourmaline.  The most famous combination of colors is pink/red in the center with a pale color band separating it from a green skin, but it comes in … Continue reading

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Welcome to a world of color in tourmaline

  This is the next stage in my continuing effort to bring the beauty of tourmaline to as wide an audience as I can.  Building on the great pictures of my collection of tourmaline by Jeff Smith I hope to … Continue reading

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